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The Movie Palace

Popcorn in the Dark

Joe Vogel
19 January 1945
No, I'm not that Joe Vogel, or that one, either. Nor am I Joseph Vogel, artist. But this stuff is all my fault.

For now, this journal is mostly a handy place for me to put (in private posts) copies of comments I've made on other web sites, especially sites dealing with movie theaters and their history (just in case their message boards get eaten, which I've seen happen before.) It's also a place to meet other people who are interested in the subject (I know you exist!) Say Hi on a public entry if you love old movie theatres—or if you even just like them a little bit! Just click on the name "cinedude' above to be magically transported to my sparse journal page.

Someday, I'm going to get around to posting some more public stuff here, and put on this page a bunch of links to various sites dealing with movie theatres and other subjects I find interesting.

Links of Interest

Cinema Treasures (my verbiage is splattered all over the pages about various theatres in the Los Angeles area!)

Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian.

Market Street Railway. Information about current and historic public transit in San Francisco, plus intersting extras. Non-profit organization.

Old Time Radio MP3s from the Internet Archive.

Bronzeville, Los Angeles A site about L.A.'s Little Tokyo neighborhood during WWII, when it became a center of African-American entertainment and commerce. Don't miss the photo collections accesible from the "Document Archive" page.

Greenbriar Picture Shows, "A Site Dedicated to the Great Days of Movie Exhibition." A digital cornucopia not to be missed.

Los Angeles Movie Palaces. A good collection of photos of L.A. Palaces, surviving and lost.

Historic Los Angeles Theatres. A Google Pages site with considerable information about and photos of major theatres in Downtown, Hollywood, and outlying areas.

Public Domain Torrents features hundreds of classic and "B" movies which have lapsed into the public domain, available for free download.

Historic Aerials provides recent and historic aerial photos of many locations in the United States, with comparison and dissolve features, plus a fairly accurate measuring tool.

When Dayton Went to the Movies. A thorough history of movie theaters in Dayton, Ohio.

Chronicling America. A searchable archive of historic newspapers maintained by the Library of Congress.
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